Associate AIA, IDP

Objective and Philosophy

As a current member of IDP, I continually strive to gain experience in all areas of a practice in order to receive my license. I believe that the remarkable transformation of an intangible idea into an architectural reality requires an intimate and complex understanding of many interdependent fields. Therefore, I aim to experience architecture from all angles in order to develop a logical and rigorous approach to the design process that will result in innovative, harmonious, and poetic architectural solutions.

Architecture is more than a simple form in response to a question. It is the result of a complex analysis of many existing factors and conditions, including: client, site, program, climate, sustainability, community, access, building codes, and future development to name a few. The initial stages of the design process must be rigorous and holistic, often including other stakeholders and design partners. As the design progresses, conversations remain open and new ideas and solutions must constantly inform the design. This means that the client, landscape architects, lighting designers, structural engineers, and yes, even interior designers, are an integral part of the project from the beginning. Properly orchestrated, this holistic approach will result in conflict resolution and the unmasking of incredibly creative and innovate ideas. In my experience, my favorite projects have always been those in which the design process was a dynamic and collective process where all ideas were shared, discussed, and considered; these experiences have proven to me that ideas develop best when harnessing the collective knowledge and creativity of the entire design team.

With my liberal arts background, I have always placed an emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach to research and design; by synthesizing my passion for and love of art, science, sociology, writing, history, and culture, I strive to design spaces that have the ability to shape people's lives. I believe that innovation and ingenuity are the hallmarks of great architects and successful architecture. Thinking vertically, analytically and sequentially, is certainly essential; however, thinking laterally pushes one beyond the mundane and into the unexpected. Inspiration can come from unexpected places. I believe that opening up one's design process to new ideas and fresh approaches generates novel solutions; more importantly, however, it constantly reinvigorates my passion, understanding, and appreciation for my career.